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Only 16 years old, Deacon never expected his life would amount to much beyond farming on the small moon of Ophelia. When his home is attacked by the mysterious Ethereals - an alien race of unspeakable power - he is thrust into a life of adventure that he could never have anticipated. 


Follow along as Deacon joins the crew of the Hummingbird, a smuggling freighter captained by the notorious Diera Hawk. What does the life of a rogue have in store for the young man?


about the author - jonathan Crocker

My interest in stories goes back as far as I can recall. As is probably obvious, my primary interest is in fantasy and science fiction, but I do enjoy to read and write a wide variety of genres. By day, I work as a Project Manager in real property construction (not as boring as it sounds), and by night I enjoy absorbing all kinds of stories (books, TV, video games, etc.), while also working on my own writing. Apologies if my releases aren't as frequent as I'd like - my day job does keep my free time rather limited.

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The Druid Saga

The Reverie - a magically constructed world accessible only through a few ancient doorways. Sasha's new home backs onto a forest that houses one such portal. On the other side she is immersed in a world of druids and magic and fantastical creatures. But there is a darker side to the Reverie - the druid clans vie to increase their holdings and power, and soon the magical world is swept up in war.


Armed with only her resolve and a rudimentary understanding of magic, Sasha is forced to fight for her survival - only to realize that she might have a larger role to play in the events unfolding around her.

Other works

The Banks of Newfoundland: In the fall of 1914, five hundred brave Newfoundlanders crossed the Atlantic to fight in the Great War. Among them, Daniel and Charlie, close friends despite their differing personalities, set out to do what they feel is the right thing. But war isn't what anyone expects, and the toll it takes on the young men is too much for them to bear. 


The Revelation of John: Father John Valenti is a priest that has lost his faith. Despite an earnest desire to believe, his faith is shaken. An yet, it is a strange position for a man born with a holy gift - a gift to battle evil that becomes paramount to humanity's survival as the four horsemen of the Book of Revelation appear, one by one.